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Help strengthen the honey bee and bee population through a Community Supported Agriculture type program (CSA). By purchasing an annual package of bees, your effort will help support the enhancement and development of the honey bee. Selecting the land around Angora Minnesota, affords us the right kind of natural benefits that will promote a hardier more vigorous bee. By virtue of mother nature's winter, and relying on the environmental conditions, providing an abundance of uncontaminated clean food source(Pollen), Alpine and Wildflowers everywhere for nectar. The environments natural attributes could be the cornerstone to help providing healthier bees for beekeepers and enthusiasts around the nation. 

Consider utilizing this program for charity or perhaps just a small group of enthusiasts. Perfect as a gift for that impossible to buy for person. Keep in mind that the product will only be shipped to one location. Distribution of products to each individual of the group, will be the groups responsibility.

This program came about by two factors:   A. The continued deterioration of honeybee health throughout the country.  B. Beekeepers and bee enthusiasts having a desire to help wherever they can.

The mutual effort provides a perfect platform for anybody to get involved. This is how it works. 


1.) Purchase Stronger Bee Initiative annual bee package. Active enrollment  begins December 1 through March 15, for the upcoming harvest season. Enrollment is available during the off season, March 16 to November 30. Interested parties  will be placed on the waiting list for the available packages, first come first served and payment can be made anytime or you can defer until the beginning of the new season. Just let us know.

2.) Make selection from option 1 or option 2. Correspond with Do This Honey on specific product details regarding flavor, natural remedy type and container style.  

3.) Products ship free to your door, after harvest, late September or early October.

Option 1:

20 lbs of Angora Premium Honey and 1 lb comb honey.

Select between, 5 lb or 2.5 lb size containers.


Option 2:

10 lbs of Angora Premium Honey, comes in 5 lb containers only.

Plus your choice of 7 natural remedies, or 10 flavored honeys. or a combination of 3 natural remedies and 5 flavored honeys.


Provides best practice management through health and nutrition

Furnishes equipment and material handling

Provides Land for the bees to forage 

Processing and shipping of product

Instructions for off-season sign-up:

A. Place your order and check out.

B. Select payment option if not planning to defer.

C. For deferred option choose Stronger Bee - CSA program payment option.

With the logistical challenges in beekeeping, your enrollment in the off-season helps us to better plan for the upcoming season. 

Welcome to the team!  GROUPBEES!

Purchase 3 Bee packages or more and receive a free official GROUP BEES T-shirt.