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Where is Wednesday?

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Still trying to catch up from the long weekend.  It just doesn't seem like Wednesday!  I realized that I forgot to weigh first thing this morning.  I was bummed out, but decided to take a week off.  So, no news this week. Maybe I will remember next week, maybe!

The weather has taken a big change here.  Been in the upper 30's at night for about a week.  BUT, the last few nights have been 31 & last night...26!  Definitely frost this morning!  Hummers are still eating and didn't have to break ice to get to the nectar.  I was worried about that! LOL! The garden is done except now that we have had our first real frost, I will gather my Spaghetti Squash!  I am really looking forward to that!  There were snow storms out west so I am happy no white stuff here yet.  I have a feeling it won't be long. 

Tim and I took Monday off and took a little "road trip."  We used to go for Sunday drives and just haven't had time lately.  I packed a picnic lunch and we found a route that we had never taken before.  Loved our little trip!  It was nice to just relax and get out of the house.  A little chilly, but it was our kind of day.  Saw lots of color already.  Very vibrant reds this year!  I will try to get some pictures soon...before the white covers it all!  Short a day this week, but still very busy here.  The bees are starting their winter cycle.  The few bees that were out yesterday were not happy bees!  The ones that are out now are bees that the hive has kicked out.  Older bees with a short life span left and workers that just aren't up to standards.  They will not try to winter, support the rift raft!  Tim has deliveries today and is stopping to pick up more lumber and about 300 lbs of sugar!  He calculates that he will need that much to supplement the bees to get them ready for winter hibernation.  What he doesn't use now, we will have on hand to start feeding in the early spring when they get active again.  We do not supplement them when the nectar flow is on!  Only to get them started and to make it through the winter.  The honey we harvest is all from nature.  It has been a good year.  Started with 11 hives, went to 8 hives after some initial problems with queens.  But Tim did really well this year splitting hives and rearing queens!  Looks like (as of now) we will be wintering about 29 hives!  HALLELUJAH!  Not all will make it through the winter, but still our best year yet and hopefully come spring we will have 20-25 hives to start.  That would be a blessing!

Definitely thinking about Fall today.  The picture is from about 5 years ago.  Such a beautiful Fall bouquet from the kids!  After 3 years here in the north country...I really need to get more of my things unpacked!  LOL!  Maybe I can get my body to cooperate and do a few projects before I start unpacking.  Been thinking that for 3 years now...maybe, just maybe this is the year!

As always:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!



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