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Welcome Back

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Monday, a New Year, Holidays over...welcome back!  Time to visit again!

It was a great Holiday here.  We had some family here for a few days and we ate (and ate and ate) and played games, watched movies, just hung out and shared the Love.  Tim & I went to Christmas Eve Service (company wasn't here yet).  Always a beautiful service.  Great way to start and remember the "reason for the season".  

Tim took off early Saturday morning for an ice fishing trip he had planned with friends.  He was coming home Tuesday, but of course stayed a few extra days and came home late New Year's Eve.  We were in bed before midnight (usually are, even for New Years) and I think Tim is still trying to catch up on sleep.  It is hard for such a big man to sleep in a little ice house bed!  Comical...but uncomfortable!  He took all the toys with him: snowmobile, 4 wheeler, plus all the gear!  Truck was loaded.  Bert stayed home and kept me company.  I fell in the parking lot at our local grocery here on Tuesday.  Didn't really hurt myself, but banged my head on the car and was stiff & sore a few days.  It was nice having Bert to just snuggle with and recoup.  

I am praying for all of us that 2021 is a better year.  It is hard to think it will be, but I am trying to stay positive.  I hope that all of you are staying positive also!  Have good news?  Please share!

Tim did good fishing!  We had fresh walleye last night for dinner.  He cooked.  I like fish, but fresh fish handling is NOT my thing!  LOL!  He even did dishes!  

Have an amazing Monday all!  As Ever:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!



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