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Weird Animal Week

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I have had an interesting week here with animals.  On Tuesday I was headed to a meeting and as I pulled out of the drive and went over the river I saw what I thought were 2 people walking at the top of the hill.  Then one of them turned and I noticed 4 legs!  Now I am thinking "they are too big to be deer" when it dawns on me that they are at the end of the drive of our cattle neighbors!  There were cows on the road!  I got up to them (just 2) and the one started jumping around like he was happy to see me!  I thought he was going to head butt my car!  LOL!  He was so excited and soooo cute!  I kinda pushed them off the road with the car and called my neighbor to let them know they had cows out.  She said the "babies" (who are beautiful red angus babies) were very smart and able to get out of the fence...several times!  I just worried about them being on the road.  A garbage truck was coming up the hill behind me, but he came to a complete stop for them.  The babies got home just fine.  They were so cute and happy!  Made my day.

Last night was another episode.  Notice the beautiful Husky picture...this is not the actual dog that was here, but almost!  About the time we were sitting down to dinner, Bert was outside and having a fit!  Tim went out and could just barely see the animal.  He came in and made Bert stay in the house, while he grabbed a flashlight and went back out.  He was afraid it might be a wolf or coyote and wanted to get a better look.  It was a Husky!  He wouldn't come to Tim, but he never barked (not even at Bert) and just stood there.  Tim came back in and said he had a collar so he grabbed a piece of ham out of the fridge and went back out.  I called our other neighbors who have sled dogs.  Thought maybe one of theirs had gotten out.  They knew who he was and gave me the owner's number.  I called and they said they would be right over.  He was just a gorgeous dog!  I can't get him out of my head.  He had that big fluffy tail that curled over his back, the 1 blue eye 1 brown eye, about this color and just the nicest dog.  Tim sat down on the top step with him and he sat right down next to Tim (who had ham) and when Tim gave him the bite of ham, he leaned over and gave Tim a kiss on the cheek.  He just sat there with Tim like they had been buddies forever.  When his people pulled up he knew the car and took off.  Jumped right in the car and the owner waved and said "Thanks" and off they went.  I did get to pet him...softest fur.  Just a beautiful animal.  I didn't even get his name.  If he comes back he can come right inside!

That is it for this week folks.  Have a great weekend and remember:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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