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Weekend Updates

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Friday, Tim did barbecue the pork loin with my Honey/Garlic Glaze.  So Good!  I had about 3/4 cup of Glaze left, so Saturday I did a Seafood Stir-Fry and used the rest of the Glaze.  Again...So Good!  Simple dinner took about 20 minutes.  See the picture!  1 pan on stove top...Perfect!

 Sunday we woke up to babies.  We have 2 deer who stay right here, and 1 Mama showed up with twins.  Second Mama showed up this morning with one.  So Darn Cute!  They are too far to get a good picture, but I wish I could share them.  It will be great seeing babies grow up.  I hope they stay close.  Now that babies are up and moving, they can follow Mama anywhere.  I think they will stick around.  Bert doesn't bother them and I think he runs off all the other critters that might bother them.  Lots to eat here and Tim put out a salt lick last week.  I am guessing that now that the babies are mobile, we might have more deer show up again.  

Selling lots of Bite Back Insect Repellent!  It is in the local grocery, bait shop, hardware store and a convenience store.  We worked all day Saturday making up labels and bottling.  So exciting!  I always "spray up" before I go out to garden.  I felt a tick on my leg, so I pulled up my pant leg above my ankle to check it out.  He was confused.  He wanted to bite in, but just couldn't find a spot he liked...I am guessing because of the spray.  I watched him for awhile (I know...curiosity killed the cat) but I had to see if he would latch on.  He did not!  I ended up squishing him. That is the first real "tick test", but I was impressed.  Did it keep him off of  Did it keep him from biting me...I think yes.  Awesome!  It will keep biting flies and mosquitoes away!  Smells great, no DEET, and won't stain clothing!

Tim has had success in grafting queens.  I thought he would get 17 (my guess) and he ended up with 22.  We will see how many make it, but that is a great start.  

I worked in the garden both Saturday & Sunday.  Weeded, thinned cucs & squash, and watered.  I tried to take a picture of my cute little green tomatoes, but it was very windy and the leaves kept blowing in my way!  One is about the size of my thumb now and the other is a size of a marble.  Lots of blooms!  I am so happy with my little garden!  My rhubarb is getting there.  Usually it is right on time, but a little small this year yet.  Today is nice, but it is going to get near 90 the rest of the week, so I will see if I make it back out to check on it.  If I have time, and can get my hips working, I may venture out this afternoon for the first cut.  Otherwise it would have to be early morning some other day this week.  Only going to get high 60's to low 70's at night.  It will be a long week for me as heat is not my friend!

Tim is getting ready to deliver product and do some sales calls.  I just noticed it has clouded up outside.  Going to have to check the weather...didn't notice any rain in the forecast, but sure starting to look like it out there.

Have a great Monday all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!





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