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Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Saturday I finished a little shopping in town, then Tim talked me into going to look for a Christmas tree.  Of course, I forgot my phone on the 4 wheeler, so this picture isn't mine, but looks close to our farm road to the back field.  Our road opens up like this and see all the pines?  There are some beautiful trees in there!  We picked one out and Tim will harvest it this week.  It is not your "traditional" Christmas tree, but it is MINE from my property and I think it will be beautiful.  It was nice on Saturday although there was a little snow (non here) but there is snow and cold now!  Got a couple of inches yesterday and only 1 degree this morning.  It was 30 and sunny on Saturday!  It does look more like Christmas though!  Maybe (if it is warm enough) I will ride along when Tim goes to harvest the tree and get some pictures.  At least I will get one when we get it inside!  LOL!

I was hoping to get all my packages mailed today, but I had a bit of a holiday "melt down" yesterday so I ended up with a migraine.  I didn't even fix dinner and was in bed by 7:30pm.  I am feeling much better this morning and I am going to try NOT to stress myself.  Gifts are bought, people are loved, if packages are late getting there, they can celebrate for New Years!  LOL!

Have a great start to your week people!  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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