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Week Done!

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

One of my all time favorite pictures!  I told Nick when he went on his adventures traveling, I wanted a koala bear.  A  picture of him with one will do!  Nick has been here this week for a visit before he starts a new job next week.  We are all excited for him as this was the one he wanted!  It has been great having him here for a visit.

I finished my testing yesterday for the doc.  I will call and make an appointment next week to go over results.  One poke and done for blood draw (WOO HOO) and I think the ultrasound went well.  I have really been watching my diet and have lost 25 lbs, so I think the doc will be happy if the tests are good.  Lots of prayers!

That is a wrap for this week!  I am looking forward to a little rest this weekend.  Although we have gotten a little rain in the last couple of days, it isn't enough!  We need RAIN!  At least now I have air conditioning.  What a blessing!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Stay Safe, Stay Sane, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!


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