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Wednesday Weird Weather

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Beautiful night last night!  Stars were bright, and it was so cool I didn't have 1 fan on!  62 in the house this morning.  I actually had my slippers and "sleeping" jacket on.  Love these mornings.  It was suppose to be 83 and sunny today.  You know that saying, "wait 5 minutes and the weather will change"?  OH YES!  I was going to go work in the garden this afternoon, but it has been torrential rains again here for the last couple of hours!  The thunder is wonderful, the lightening took out power for a few minutes.  I was in the middle of a Marketing Webinar.  Nice break, and I am done with it now.  Still raining.  Not sheets of rain, but lots of rain.  The driveway is just water flowing right now.  I took this picture from the window of my hummingbird feeder.  It looks better than I thought it would with all the rain.  Love the rain, but it would be nice to stretch all that powerful rain to 8 hours instead of 2 hours.  Glad I went to the grocery before breakfast this morning.  The garden is good...I will get to it tomorrow.

I always have a "personal" post to write.  I have shared my health story, and everyday is a new day here with the bees.  I am running out of health interests to post about.  I have covered some practical topics in the past few months.  I research an idea before I post it, and this week I am blank.  What do you want to know?  What can I research for you?  Do you have a nagging health question?  I am not talking about the Corona-Virus!  There is just too much out there right now to discern all the information.  You are probably like me, tired of hearing all the rhetoric!  By now we all should know what we believe and be making our own decisions.  FEED ME your topics and I will see what I can do to get you some answers.  Doesn't have to be health questions (I am not a doc!).  Just send me some ideas and let's see what I come up with!  I am 60+ years young people...I think I have just about done it all.  Test me!

Until tomorrow all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!




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