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Wednesday Update

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Back to earth today.  I weighed this morning and although I didn't gain, I didn't lose either.  But, we had a wedding and a birthday this last weekend.  I thought I did really good (I did!) but it is what it is.  I am still taking my spoonful of honey every night, and still no heartburn and I am sleeping better.  The no heartburn is worth it!  Probably one of the main reasons I am sleeping better also.  I actually had some energy yesterday!  I almost forgot what that felt like!  So, I will take this week gladly with a no weight gain.  Onto next Wednesday!

Tim is still extracting this week and readying hives for winter.  The flow is about over and he is starting to supplement them since the only honey produced now will be for them over the winter.  The bees were a little mad again yesterday and although Bert loves to be out with his Dad, he came running to door and almost threw himself through it!  I don't know how many stings he got (4 I know for sure) but they had a time with Tim also.  Tim came in with about 12 stings.  Bert is limping a bit this morning, he had 2 on his hind leg and 2 on the other front foot/leg.  Poor baby!  Bert will stay with me today as Tim will be over extracting most of the day.  Going to give the hives (and my boys) a bit of a break today! 

Look at this honeycomb!  This is the first year that Tim has packaged up our honeycomb.  Beautiful!  The folks signed up for our CSA program all got a pound of honeycomb with their 20 lbs of honey.   Have you ever had honeycomb?  I have tried it and of course the honey that is stored in those little combs is the best.  Think of it as "bee gum".  That's what it's like to me.  It's chewy and sweet like gum!  I have to admit, I am not a commercial gum person.  But this is amazing!  I love packaging it up and just watching the honey slowly seep out of the comb.  Did I mention beautiful?

Leftovers here for dinner tonight.  I have leftover Chicken Salad from Monday and last night we had Stuffed Green Peppers!  Fresh green peppers from a neighbors garden.  To Die For!  I haven't had them for awhile and they were delicious.  So, leftover Chicken Salad and Stuffed Green Peppers tonight!  I always forget to take pictures!  I just have to get better at that! 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday All!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane! 


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