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Wednesday COLD Hump Day

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It is -29 this morning, actual temperature.  Winter is finally here in northern MN!  Heat wave yesterday of +9 so I decided to run some errands.  Let's just say that I banged my knee in the grocery parking lot (the 2nd fall in a month).  A little sore today, but actually nothing like I thought I would be.  I wish I felt like the little girl with a skinned knee...too many years on this old model!  Worst skinned knees?  Jumping rope off our concrete steps in IN and the rope catching my feet and I landed 4 steps down on the concrete sidewalk on my knees.  Hamburger knees!  I bet the neighborhood could hear me crying and my Mom saying "I told you not to do that" while she smeared Mercurochrome on my knees.  The Worst!

Been doing great with no butter and sticking to the Mediterranean Diet.  I felt like I munched all day yesterday and was still way below calories.  They say you don't have to count calories on this diet...I think they might be right.  Going to be a pot of Mediterranean White Bean Soup tonight.  Great day for soup, and this is all veggies with white beans.  I am going to do some turkey meatballs on the side for Tim (I might have a few) and multigrain ciabatta rolls to soak up all that good broth.  Really looking forward to dinner tonight!

I haven't baked in over 2 weeks now.  Tim has been doing great with his cravings!  I bought 100 calorie snack packets, and he has been rationing them out and really doing well!  Very proud of us right now.  It is our Anniversary/Tim's Birthday next week.  Going to see what I can do to make his favorite Lemon Meringue Pie.  It might not be exactly what he is used too, but I bet I can find a good alternative.  Wish me luck!



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