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Wake Up Call

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This first picture is how I would like to be remembered.  I was comparing 2 pictures of me just now, and although this is "the pretty" one....I really like the 2nd one better:

Here's why: I have many people over the years who didn't live long enough to have grey hair.  It is an honor & privilege to get to an age where you are grey!  I also love my smile here more.  I have more to smile about!  Live long enough and life might be hard, but it is worth it!  Glasses...Nice to be young and not wear them, but life is so much more in focus when you get old enough to need them and can see your world through them!  Short hair: that long hair is pretty...but WORK!  Brush & Go is so much nicer!  Young is fun, maturity is better!

Why the look back today?  I had a scare this morning.  I have been feeling "yucky" the past few days.  Tired, grumpy, a bit of a sore throat yesterday.  I took our Flu Suppressant and my sore throat was gone and I did sleep better last night.  Tim and I were up this morning and had our tea and decided on cereal w/peanut butter toast for breakfast.  This is a regular on our breakfast menu.  A small bowl of cereal (Rice Chex for me, Frosted Mini Wheats for Tim) and we both love our peanut butter toast!  A slice for each of us.  We are eating, talking, enjoying the morning when I couldn't breathe.  COULD NOT BREATHE!  I was choking.  Just like that the world changed.  I dropped my toast, I tried coughing, I tried gagging, I tried standing up, tears were running down my face and (this is not pretty) I wet myself!  Tim was ready to grab me when it started to get dislodged.  It took several minutes to get it to a point where I could scratch out a voice.  Several more minutes to clear it where I could move.  Hours later I am still clearing my throat, it is sore and still feels like there is something still stuck there.  I had tears in my eyes for about an hour, along with a runny nose.  I went as soon as I could and changed clothes and cleaned myself up.  NOT A GOOD WAY TO START A WEEKEND!  Truly, in the blink of an eye I was dying.  I did a little research and here are some facts for you all. 

CHOKING:  It is the 3rd leading cause of death at home!  This was a shocker to me!  Most people choke on food, and we still do eat most our meals at home, even if it is take-out!  Food is the first culprit people choke on, but you can choke on anything!  "If it fits, it can stick".  Remember that.  If it can fit in your mouth, beware!  We usually think of this as the reason children choke.  Rules to follow:

1. Don't chew and talk!!!  I remember my Mom saying, "Chew with your mouth closed".  She was right.  If you can't close your mouth to chew a bite, it is too much.

2. Alcohol Increases choking risk!  It reduces your judgement! Don't wash down that big bite of perfect steak with a big gulp of alcohol!  

3. Don't eat "handfuls" of food!  Popcorn and nuts are the main culprits here.  Think snack foods!  Even grapes fit in this category.  Smaller bite portions.

4. SIZE MATTERS!  Any food small enough to fit in your windpipe is a culprit.  Hot Dogs, Carrots, Grapes...Chew your food well!  Take smaller bites and CHEW WELL!

Relax and Enjoy your food!

What to do if you are choking and alone?  Self administer the Heimlich.  Make a fist, place thumb below ribs and above navel, grab your fist with your other hand and jab into the area in a quick, upward motion.  Another help is to use an object.  I was not able to stand so if I had been sitting at a table, this would have helped...lean over a hard table, chair, or railing.  Thrust your upper belly against the edge!  I think most of us would know how to help someone if they were choking and we were there.  Tim was ready, but he didn't jump in until he knew if I had it under control or not.  Smart thing to do.  If someone can dislodge it themselves it is better.  A few more seconds though and I know he would have had me.  He was as scared as I was!  

So, remember: Things do change in the blink of an eye!  Smaller bites and more liquids for me from now on!  Still clearing my throat and drinking water.  But I am here to write this today, so I hope this helps someone else!  Blessings to you all!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!  Stay Sane!


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