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Vegetarian Cabbage Soup

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Tim doesn't like cabbage.  He does like coleslaw!  I discovered years ago about Unmade Egg Rolls.  It is a stir fry with sausage, cabbage (I use a pkg of coleslaw) and spices that tastes like an egg roll, but not all rolled up!  It is a quick and easy dinner.  I have been trying to do a much more vegetarian diet lately.  Tim is a big fan of MEAT!  I got some really nice deli Roast Beef yesterday and he wanted sandwiches last night.  (I will do turkey) Soup & Sandwiches sounded good, but not a can of soup.  Canned stuff just tastes...well...yucky anymore.  So, I decided to do an all vegetable Cabbage Soup.  No meat.  I have a bag of coleslaw that I was going to use for the stir fry, but have decided to use it in the soup instead.  It is much warmer today, but nowhere near freezing (just a bit above zero) so soup still sounds good!  Soup & Sandwiches it is!

With temps warming up a bit, we had a light dusting of snow last night.  Just enough to cover things and make them pretty again.  It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend with highs near freezing by Sunday.  Next week it is cloudy and Tim says we have snow moving in.  Probably, because Tuesday it is going to be 38 degrees!  OH YEAH!  Been waiting 2 weeks to be above -20!  What a blessing.  At 40' the bees will get active.  Maybe they will get a "cleansing" flight in!  I am sure that cold weather isn't over, but it would be nice if the bees got to stretch their wings and cleanse themselves.  Spring will be exciting!

Do you have your garden seeds ordered?  Started?  I am finishing up my order today.  Hoping for a bigger garden this year.  And Chickens!  Every year I want Chickens!  LOL!  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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