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Vanilla Honey Butter

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

So what do you do when you have honey that has crystallized?  It happens!  It is a natural thing.  But when you have honey in bulk, sometimes you get quite a bit of it.  Most of the time you can slowly heat it up and it will go back to a liquid state.  We had about 4-5 cups here recently that would not go back!  It wanted to stay crystallized.   It was creamy honey, it poured, but it had little honey crystals all through it, which makes it gritty to eat.  I have never made whipped honey butter...but let me tell will be #1 on my list from now on!  It is amazing!  I warmed my metal Kitchenaid stand mixing bowl and placed room temperature butter in it.  Then, I put the honey in the microwave until it was just warm.  I did this 1 minute at a time in a large measuring glass.  Just until it poured easily, it was 3 minutes total.  I then poured the honey into the warm butter and turned the mixer on low.  I stayed on low for a minute and kept turning the mixer higher 1 setting and 1 minute at a time.  About 1/2 way I put a tsp of Vanilla in the mixture.  When I got to the high setting (using the whisk attachment) I let it run for about 5 minutes.  The results were amazing!  Very creamy, buttery, honey vanilla goodness.  I packaged some up (this is not one of our products for sale) and we have already gone through a small jar of it.  Tim loves it on graham crackers, we put it on toast, waffles, just anything!  This is not the Roadhouse butter with cinnamon in it.  This was a test really, to see if the mixer would get the crystals out of the honey.  It worked!  So Creamy!  I have it sitting up in the cupboard with my other canned goods.  This was just too good not to share with you all!  

I am going to try to get some Christmas things done this weekend.  I have a class on Saturday until about noon, then hoping to get a few things done here.  I am sure everyone is on the "hurry up Christmas" to get things done page!  Just remember:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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