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Tuesday Hint

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Here's my hint for today...STAY SAFE!  I live in a very rural area where there is still a lot of snow on the ground.  I am a homebody anyway, but I am still being cautious.  No large crowds, 6' space between people, lots of hand washing & sanitizer, and a minor (as opposed to major) amount of cleaning.  You know what I miss the most?  HUGS!  Real live people HUGS!  The internet is great...HUGS are better.

That being said, I did go to bible study this morning at a friends house.  It is usually at her house, so not a big change of plans.  There are at a max only 8 of us, but usually about 6, and today only 4.  We were all healthy.  No hugs :( but we did read and spend time with friends!  Always good for the soul!  

I am stocked up here so not making a store run soon.  I do have a list started though, and my Walmart nearest me has online grocery shopping now.  I might try it!  I have to admit I am a little leary of places where a lot of people are or have been.  Time to try virtual grocery shopping.  I thought I would end up having to do this because of my back, hips & legs...not because of a virus.  Time to Live & Learn.

What are you doing at home?  Are you at home or working?  Bless those who are keeping us running at this time.  Especially healthcare workers, truckers, groceries, and all 1st responders (EMT's, Firemen, Police).  Again, my thought for you today is STAY SAFE!  Talk soon!

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