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Tough Week

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

We have had a good August-Sept so far.  Several weddings, visit with Nick on his birthday, cool days, cooler nights!  Good Garden harvest, etc.  It has been a very thankful time lately.  Today is a change in the dynamic.  Last Saturday we went to, and participated in a wedding ceremony of a dear friends oldest daughter.  We were so looking forward to the festivities!  Early Saturday morning Tim got a call from our friends.  Their oldest son had passed away.  The day of his sister's wedding.  I don't care, nothing can prepare you for that call.  The couple decided to go ahead with the wedding, as she had to cancel the service before because of Covid, and they were sure he would want them to celebrate the day.  It was a very beautiful, yet bittersweet day.  Today we are going to the services to celebrate life a different way.  The memorial service of our dear friends son.  I just can't imagine losing a child.  Many prayers have been said for the family this week.  It is constantly on my mind.  So, this is a short post today.  Be Thankful for your people...all your people.  Pray for those who need it, and those who think they don't.  Keep looking up in all you do.  2020 has not been kind to any of us.  But we are still here and are still heard!  May you feel blessed this weekend!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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