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Tired Wednesday

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Wednesday being "hump day" and I am feeling it today.  Everything feels uphill!  I'm up, and dressed, and I have been working (in the office and doing laundry) but it is afternoon now and I am thinking a nap is looking good. As you can see, Bert beat me to it! TOO much on my mind today. I am overwhelmed with thoughts of those in need.  I had quite a list of people to pray for before this virus hit.  Now prayers are for everyone!  As we head into these 2 weeks they are telling us to be careful about, I am hearing more about people who it is affecting that we know.  A good friend has a son who has been ill since the weekend.  They took him in yesterday with 102' fever and they tested him for the virus.  It will be a few days before they know anything.  Also, news from my son Nick.  One of the fellows he works with is ill.  They shut down his crew yesterday and sent them all home and told them to stay put!  That is a good thing!  I am praying that he does not get ill.  But so many will.  I find it too devastating to imagine today.  This is one of those days I wish my brain just had an "off" switch.

I hope and pray that you and yours are doing well and will stay well.  I dreamed of a song last night. "How Great Thou Art"  It is keeping me sane today.  Just keep going over it in my head.  I may have to actually post me singing it!  LOL!  

Dinner tonight is an easy one.  A frittata.  It's a baked egg dish.  I will take pictures and post recipe tomorrow!

STAY IN, STAY SAFE, STAY SANE!  Find your happy place!

Blessings to all!


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