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Tired of Cooking

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Anybody else tired of cooking?  After the holidays and all the cooking and baking, I just want to be done in the kitchen!  No way to "go out" to eat right now, and I am not a fan of "drive thru" food. it is, like it or not.  I have chicken thighs out and this is on the menu.  All one 1 pan...easy, yet delish.  Trying to keep food as easy as possible right now.  That being said...I think I used every pan in my kitchen last night.  Some for dinner...some just mistakes.  I made sirloin burgers with mushroom/onion gravy and a cauliflower casserole.  Perfect dinner, but I started out by dropping a container of Greek Yogurt out of the fridge onto the floor and it exploded!  What a mess!  The rest of cooking went about as well.  Forgot ingredients, pan too big so needed a smaller one.  Just everything I touched from that point on was just a little off.  Dinner was excellent...but I was almost too stressed to eat! (notice I said "almost" LOL!)  Once again, no pictures.  I will have to get back in the groove again.  This picture is from the last time we had this Garlic/Honey Chicken.  In case I forget again...and you can bet I will!

Especially now my peeps:

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!  Stay SANE!


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