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The Next Chapter

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Happiness abounds here this week people!  No Cancer is the God given answer and I am full of praise!  Now...onto the next chapter.

By now you are familiar with my story.  Yes, I still have Lupus and other health issues, but I am feeling very blessed right now so thinking ahead.  I have cleared my mind of doctors and treatments, and now I am thinking about how to get myself healthier again.  Two of my favorite peeps are on the Keto diet.  I have spent a few days looking into this, and from an "older persons" point of view, it is the new version of Atkins.  We eat healthy here...just too much!  I may have to sew our lips shut, but I will get this done.  I lost 107 lbs about 8 years ago.  I have kept about 60 of it off.  I still have another 100 to lose. Not bad, but I need to be more active and that isn't going to happen at my weight.  I worry about Tim.  He is no spring chicken anymore either, and just because he is the healthy one for now in our household...well, we all know that can flip on a dime.  So Good Change is Coming!

The picture here is what I use for my arthritis.  The doc asked me several times this go around if I would go to a Rheumatologist.  Been there, done that (several different times).  THIS actually helps me with no terrible nightmares, rashes, or other side effects. Every morning in my tea and I am still walking.  Had an Orthopedic surgeon tell me about 28 years ago that if I didn't have surgery I wouldn't walk by the time I was 40.  No surgery and I have my days, but I am still mobile and 20+ years over his prediction.  Up to me now to do more for myself.  This formula was developed by Tim for me to have the best anti-inflammation properties and natural pain relief.  I am not most people when it comes to medication.  I am more of a holistic girl.  Trust me, I almost killed myself with medications.  With this I get relief and I still have a brain (most days).  LOL!  I was using honey in my tea in the mornings anyway, so it was easy to implement it into the best Raw Artisan Honey around.  Our Quality Honey is the perfect carrier for our formulas!

If you have arthritis stiffness and pain, check out our 2 formulas to help.  If you have any questions just give me a shout out!  PLEASE:  If you are reading this on HolisticHomesteader or DoThisHoney pages, PLEASE go to our website (click Shop Now button for quick access) and subscribe to my email marketing.  I only send out 1 newsletter every Friday with a recipe and product specials.  I am trying to reach a goal here people!  I have a bet with Tim, so help me win!  You can unsubscribe anytime...just please take a minute and sign up for my newsletter!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Have a great weekend all!  Especially Fathers!  Happy Fathers Day!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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