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Posted by Tammy Chapman on

The days are already getting longer.  It is no longer getting light at 4:30 am.  The weather is cooler this week, it just feels "right".  70's today, cloudy, nice breeze.  These are the days to live for!!!  My garden is doing amazing!  Was out on Saturday and weeded, trimmed and watered.  I will have sugar peas this week!  They look so good!  Tomatoes are doing good, spaghetti squash and cucumbers are everywhere!  I might have harvested the last of my onions though.  The storms really got to them.  The wind pulled a few of them right out of the dirt!  My cilantro and basil were almost out too, but still growing like crazy, so I dug them in a little deeper.  The onions might make it...they have been wonderful and if they don't make it, I will miss them!  This pool idea for a garden has been priceless!  

I did make a huge mistake on Saturday out in the garden.  I forgot to "Bite Back" before I went out!  HUGE mistake!  I have not had 1 bug bite this summer because I never go out without it.  I was almost around the house to the garden when I thought of it.  "Oh Well...I will be ok without it", I thought.  NOPE!  I had tennis shoes on, and on just my left foot alone I have about 7 bites.  Right foot not so bad, but my right arm has 5 bites and I have 2 on my neck and several on my shins.  OH..AND I have 3 on my tush!  Yup!  My Hind End!  The nerve!  I will never leave my house again without "BITE BACK NATURALLY".  I have learned my lesson the hard way!

Not much else new here today.  Thinking Sloppy Joe's for dinner tonight.  We use deer fat.  Had pork chops with sweet potatoes and fresh green beans last night.  So good!  Although I am tired of cooking, it always tastes worth it.


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!

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  • I love summer mornings when it’s daylight at 4:30… had a wind storm here last night. What else is new, huh?

    Chuck on

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