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Stronger Bee Initiative

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Look at that picture!  Warm sunshine, no snow, and happy little bees!  This seems like a long way off right now since temperatures here have been in the low -20's, but it will be on us before you know it.  I sent out a newsletter yesterday promoting our CSA program.  Tim must order bees by March 15th so the push is on to check out our website, pick your program option, and get those orders in folks!  These are a few of our CSA hives from last year.  We do the work and you get some healthy, sweet, honey benefits. Just go to the website, select Products and go to the Stronger Bee Initiative.  Any questions, just shoot us an email!

Being Friday, Tim and I have our weekly errands to run.  Picking up my new meds today also.  Wish me luck!  I have done really well this week on the Mediterranean Diet!  Still no Butter!  Who knew?  I would have said it wasn't possible.  I guess you really can teach old dogs new tricks!  LOL!  The soup was delicious on Wednesday night and we did leftovers on Thursday.  I am thinking Mediterranean Chicken tonight!  I will let you know just how good it is!

That is about it for today!  Short Friday post.  You know what comes next...

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!  For the New Year I think we will add HAPPY!

Enjoy your weekend all!



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