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Soda Can Chicken

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Isn't this a beautiful grilled chicken?  Tim grilled last night since I am still nursing a bad ankle, hips & back.  We don't drink alcohol, so this is a carbonated juice I bought.  It was so moist and delicious!  I love the way Tim always gets them to "stand up".  Grilled potatoes and corn on the cob to finish out this dinner.  Tim even did dishes!

I am still taking my dose of honey every night.  I really do think it is helping me sleep better.  Used to be I would get maybe 2 hrs of sleep at a time, but now it is about 4 hrs!  4 HOURS!  That is amazing to me.  Still not having any problems with heartburn either.  I haven't had to take anything for heartburn in 2 weeks.  I am really happy about that!  No news on the weight loss.  I didn't even weigh today with my bum foot.  BUT, being laid up I am sure I am not losing any weight.  I just hope I'm not gaining any either.

Tim says I have been sitting too long.  I am headed to put my feet up and put some heat on my back and cold on my ankle.  Seriously folks...getting old is not for the weak!  It makes you feel weak...but we always muster through it.  And this too shall pass...

Having this beautiful chicken for leftovers tonight for dinner.  Enjoy your day all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!



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