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Posted by Tammy Chapman on

The image here is of my Breakfast Banana Splits. quick, simple and easy!  No cooking on these summer mornings.  The Honey/Peanut Butter Sauce is great on toast too!  There is nothing I don't love about this breakfast!  If you haven't already, go to website and sign up for my weekly newsletter (subscribe with your email).  I send out a recipe every Friday.  Don't miss out on another of my favorite recipes!  Sign up today!

On another note: I had another choking incident on Wednesday night.  Another really bad one.  Choked on a piece of baked potato!  Something soft!  Not hard, sticky peanut butter toast!  I have to admit I am a little gun shy right now about eating.  I am trying to implement the ideas I posted last week, but have added a few more in the last couple of days.  I am taking smaller bites, not talking while I am chewing, and putting my food (or fork) down between each bite!  I chew it, swallow it, and when I am done I pick up my food (or fork) and take another bite!  I have to say, it might just be God's way of getting me to finally lose weight!  I sure am re-thinking my eating habits.  Choking twice in 1 week is just too scary.  If it happens again soon, especially with me being so cautious...I think I will take myself to the Doc.

No responses from anyone about my request for ideas for the blog.  Just leaving me hanging out here huh?  Well, that is ok.  My mind will kick in again here soon and you will be sorry you didn't say anything!  LOL!

It's Friday Folks....have a great Weekend!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!

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  • I do something like this. Warm a flour tortilla, add chopped bananas, and honey and top with walnuts. Roll it up like a taco!!

    Chuck on

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