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Sawdust Pasta-St. Joseph Pasta

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

A very dear Italian friend sent me a recipe for this pasta dish.  It is so easy and is part of their St. Joseph Celebration in March.  I couldn't wait that long!  It is made with an anchovy sauce (which Tim loves), but I have to admit that the anchovies dissolve into the sauce and it was pretty tasty.  No meat, but since Tim is my meat guy, I made him a plate of meatballs on the side.  I loved it just as is!  I put cherry tomatoes on his, kept mine plain.  I have to admit it was a bit dry (sawdust pasta) so a drizzle of olive oil before serving went a long way!  I also used parmesan cheese on both.  It was a hit!  Definitely going to do this again!  If interested you can check it out on Pinterest!  Lots of recipes for this on there! Made with Panko bread crumbs for the "sawdust".  No tomatoes in this sauce, but there is a variation that does have more of a tomato sauce.  Since I can't do tomatoes...this worked for me!

Up at 2:30am to let the dog out and it was dripping water off the roof.  It was +34 degrees!  Crazy weather!  -34 last week to +34 at night this week.  Needless to say I am glad that Bert is trimmed!  What a spring-like MUDDY mess out here!  Maybe I am still ok with winter for awhile.

Big day today!  Haircut and eye appointment for new glasses!  I am a Happy Homesteader!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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