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Rice River

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Had to share "my river" this morning.  I had a girl friend ask about a picture I posted on FB recently.  It was a picture of the Vermilion Lake (the reason we started coming north), she wondered if it was my river.  THIS is my river!  My field is on the right of the picture and down around the bend of the river is the best fishing!  I am standing on the bridge to take this picture.  It is hard to see the river past the field and foliage in the summer!  Once the leaves start to fall, and the field has now been turned...I will be able to view my river from my window again.

Rain coming today...soon I hope or I will have to go out and water the garden.  Still nursing a sore foot, but doing much better today.  Finally got laundry and some baking done this morning while it was cool.  Wonderful breeze right now, blowing in the rain I hope.  Working hard this morning trying to get our phone system set up!  What a bother!  I know computers are suppose to make our lives easier...but most days I say NOPE!  Just one thing after another lately.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone and a great Weekend!  Short and Sweet today!

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Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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