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Reporting In

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Checking in today with good news!  I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 2 pounds!  TWO!  I didn't weigh last week because I have been laid up with a bad ankle.  Before that, no weight change.  I haven't been doing much, ankle is better but still stiff, so not up to much movement.  I was pretty happy this morning!  I am still taking my honey every night.  Still no heartburn and sleeping good (it is cool at night now which really helps also).  I was surprised this morning at the weight loss.  Great way to start the morning!  I will continue to keep you all updated!

 I was thinking of this picture today.  When we tore down the old farmhouse I found some little "trinkets" under the old porch and the floors.  An old Homemade Christmas wreath, a marble, 1 silver stud earring, and this beautiful little porcelain pitcher.  Looks like it is from a doll tea set.  I picture a cute little farm girl playing with her doll, serving her tea.  You can see how small it is!  That is my Mother's (now mine) sewing thimble for comparison!  I still have all the little treasures from the old house.  Hoping to make a display for them someday.  

Wanted to keep you in the loop with the nightly honey.  I have made it a habit now and will continue to take it every night before bed.  A yummy way to end every day!  Jump to our website and join me!  Our pure, raw, unfiltered honey is the best!  

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Sane


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