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Rainy Days & Mondays

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It has been an amazing Monday.  RAIN!  Not just rain...Thunderstorms!  Won't have to water today!  1st round of storms came thru 2 hours ago...2nd round is here now, and Tim says another round is coming in behind this one!  Thunder, lightening and lots of rain.  We need it!  I LOVE IT!  Only problem...I want a nap!  Rain is the best sleeping weather.  I may indulge myself today.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  So much happening right now.  Rioting, viruses, social distancing, it is daunting.  Only thing I have to say is ALL LIVES MATTER.  ALL!  

No new pictures with the rain today.  We did have a skunk last night.  I could smell it, then Bert started growling and went to the Dining Room window.  I was afraid he was getting in my garden.  Bert never barked, but of course did want to go out and chase the critter.  Mom said NO!  Wasn't long the smell was gone.  I told Tim this morning and he immediately went to check bees.  I did not know that skunks love bees.  They will scratch at the hive and when the bees come out, they eat them!  Our hives are doing excellent this year...I do not need skunks!  I have been worried about I get to worry about Skunks!  Ahhh...the life of a Bee Mom.

Enjoy your Monday all!  I am enjoying this wonderful rain!

Stay Safe, Stay Sane...BEE HAPPY!


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