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Piggy Time

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

LOTS to do this weekend!  We are butchering 4 hogs (yes...from killing to cutting to freezing!).  Tim has everything almost ready, and I am busy shopping, cooking, and getting my kitchen/dining room ready for fresh piggy.  I will be SO GLAD when it is over.  I will be so happy to have a freezer with fresh pork.  Years ago when we butchered I cured our own was delicious but so much time and space!  Took up my whole fridge!  We are having hams and bacon done commercially this time. Have someone else smoke & cut!  I can deal with cutting and wrapping fresh chops, roasts, etc.  We will be making our own sausage also.  Will probably do that at a later date.  Freeze the sausage meat and take it out and do it all another weekend.  We will freezer wrap the meat, but I seal-a-meal the sausage.  Just Tim and I usually now, so instead of 2 lb packs we will do 1 lb packs for us.  We are splitting 2 pigs with Nick (we will each get 3/4 a pig and a 1/2 for another friend) and then we have friends from church who are taking the other 2 for them and their family to split up.  Lots of people here to help!  I think there will be 7 of us all together.  I hope we can get it all done before Sunday and take a break!  Big pot of Chili, Apple Cider, and fresh baked brownies to keep everyone moving and happy!

Have a great weekend all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!



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