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Onion Time

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Some of you will find this a bit crazy.  I am fine with that.  Others of you do this every year with me!  I am going to give you some background on my Onion Time.  You can make your own decision. I just want you to know that I have done this for about 13 years now, and the only time I got the flu was the first year we moved here and I had my stroke.  I forgot about putting onions out!  Yup...Christmas Eve Tim, Nick and I were all sick with the flu.  Just to put this in perspective, I do NOT get a flu shot.  It has been about 10 years since I have taken a flu shot.  

History:  Back in 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people, Doctors still made house calls.  One country doctor was extremely concerned about his farm population and how almost all of the families had contracted the flu.  He came upon one farm family, and no one was ill!  He was shocked.  He asked what they were doing and the wife replied that she put an unpeeled onion in every room.  Being a man of science, the doctor scoffed at this, but asked if he could take an onion with him to be tested.  When he placed the onion under a microscope, he did find the flu virus in the onion.  Therefore, he felt it was keeping the family healthy.  I get it folks.  This is an "old wives tale" BUT with all of my health issues, and trying to be as holistic as possible, I had to try it.  So, every Fall I place 1 uncut onion in a glass dish in each room of my home.  That is 9 onions.  I replace them as needed (sprouting, black spots) and I replace all of them at least every couple of months.  I do not touch them!  Once I place them, no one is allowed to move or touch them or the dish.  I use gloves to put the onions in a garbage bag, tie the bag up and take it out of the house immediately.  I wash my hands and the glass dishes and put new onions out!  I know...kind of crazy, but I think it works and so do a few of my friends who have tried it.  I usually put the onions out Oct-March.  I am going to start early this year.  Onions are going out tomorrow, the first day of Fall.  Yellow onions are the best to use.  A bag is pretty cheap!  I put them in out of the way places in the rooms.  Most cannot be seen. There is no medical evidence to support this in any way!  Most people will say I am crazy, and again I already know that...and Thank You for noticing!   So, here are 9 medical reasons to love onions.

1. Only 44 calories for a medium onion.  They are packed with nutrients (Vitamins C, B, and potassium).

2. They fight inflammation, decrease triglycerides, and reduce cholesterol.

3. Full of Antioxidants.

4. Protects against stomach cancers with Allium (Garlic has this too)

5. Helps regulate blood sugars.

6. Improves bone density! Lowers oxidative stress on bones.

7. Yellow Onions (TAKE NOTE) inhibit growth of bacteria! (E.coli, MRSA)

8. Boosts digestion with probiotics.  Improves gut health.

9. Easy to implement into cooking!  Salads, stir-fry, soup bases, eggs, all meats!

Enjoy your onions!  Besides sitting around my house keeping me healthy, we eat a lot of onions and garlic here also!  As Always,

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!



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