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Old Foods a New Way

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Tim LOVES oatmeal.  Especially steel cut.  I like oatmeal, but it is not my favorite.  I know these "overnight refrigerator" oatmeal cups have been around awhile.  Just not something I ever thought I would try.  Tim's favorite oatmeal is blueberry with honey (of course), but he does like lemon too.  I decided since I am tired of cooking, maybe I could mix these up, put them in the fridge, and eat as is, or heat up in the morning.  I was shocked at how many different ways you can make oatmeal this way!  Some of them almost sound like a dessert!  Another good idea actually, since I have not baked since right after New Years.  Tim and I are really trying to eat healthier.  With smaller portions.  It has been easy for me to do over the years, but Tim has never really participated in my efforts.  Fails are inevitable if he isn't onboard!  I told him if he was serious HE would have to measure and count food.  He has been doing a great job!!!  He even downloaded a food app on his phone to help count calories.  So, now that he is really making the effort, I will have to get even more creative about our food choices.  We had cauliflower crust pizza last night.  So good!  It was all homemade, and I had 2 crusts as I don't do tomatoes.  I made a homemade pizza sauce with tomatoes for Tim, and a homemade alfredo sauce (made with cauliflower also) for me.  Crust, sauce, a little garlic sausage for meat(Tim actually weighed the meat out), fresh mushrooms, lots of garlic, and rice cheese (no dairy).  They are a favorite here!  New age dinner last night, new age breakfast tomorrow...wish me luck!  So far so good!

Have a wonderful Monday my peeps!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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