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New Ideas

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I know that Fall is almost upon us.  It has been very cool here (hi of 60 today) and rained everyday for 5 days!  I LOVE Fall, but there is still a wave of good weather coming.  Bright Fall days and when it warms up the bugs will be out in force one last time.  I have several new ideas for our Bite Back Naturally Bug Repellent.  One is mine, and one comes from a dear friend who camps with his family.  

You know how much I love Bite Back!  I cannot tell you how much I use, but it is a good amount.  In the worst of the summer I spray it on every night before I go to bed.  With no A/C and just screens, I just hate hearing that buzzing around my ears at night!  Of course, the bites are a pain too.  So, I use lots of Bite Back.  Here is my new tip:  I had a group of bananas starting to go bad and I got a bunch of those little "fruit flies" in the house.  They are impossible to kill and get rid of,  SO...I decided one day to pour some Bite Back into my oil Diffuser. I added more water, and I was surprised at the outcome.  First of all, Tim commented on how good it smelled and wanted to know what I was using.  Second, by day 2 the little, pesky flies were gone.  Oh, and we have a skunk too!  He has taken up residence in the old barn.  Bert almost got him this morning, and he did not get sprayed...Thank God!  But, Tim will have to get rid of him.  He did notice scratches yesterday on one of the hives.  Getting closer to winter and he will be a real problem!  My point?  The Bite Back keeps the skunk smell at bay too!  NOTE: This has been a great seller again this year!  We only have the small bottles left!  With the Covid Pandemic, getting plastic spray bottles has been a big deal.  They have been on back-order for months now, with no idea on a delivery date.  We are having the same problem with the small bottles for honey.  Looking for other options, but everything is out, back-ordered, or just not available anymore.  We are starting to explore new options!

The next great Bite Back idea comes from Tim's friend.  He called Tim one night and told him that the bugs were so bad camping, that the fire and Bite Back just weren't getting it.  That is bad folks!  He called back a few hours later and told Tim that he fixed the problem.  He sprayed Bite Back into the fire!  It is not flammable, did not flare, and got into the fire smoke and kept the bugs away.  He said it lasted about an hour, so he sprayed again and they were good until they came into the camper for the night!  Amazing!  He has tried this several times since and it always works.  This is how he uses Bite Back now.  We have not tried the fire method here, but he swears it works.  If you have a fire and the bugs are bad, try it and let me know how it works for you!

I just want to say to everyone, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  We have had 5 Star Days here at Do This Honey the last couple of days!  It made my heart glad.  Tim is busy filling orders, and I am busy doing labels & shipping.  Busy is Good.

I was wrong last week on the "have a great Labor Day weekend".  I was a bit early.  SO, this week I say again, "Have a Great Labor Day Weekend All!"

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!  


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