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New Feeding Area

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Funny thing about ants...they will use their dead comrades to make a bridge to get to my feeder!  Only worked a couple of days until there were enough dead ants in the moat to make a bridge.  Sick little things!  SO...yesterday I cleaned it up and put fresh food in it and moved it out of the tree to a tall shepherds hook!  It is right next to the tree I took it out of, but I didn't see any hummers on it yesterday.  They were there this morning though, so I am hoping this will work.  I did put Peppermint around the base of the pole and put it in my hands and rubbed it on the pole about 1/2 way up.  I will check it this afternoon and see how it is doing.  At least for now it is clean and they are eating!

A friend of ours who has a seasonal cabin is here this week and he stopped by last night to visit and I invited him for breakfast this morning.  He loves watching my hummingbird feeder on the window.  He has tried feeding them here, but he is never here enough and they lose interest waiting for him.  Today he showed up for breakfast with his hummingbird feeder!  Once I get it cleaned up I will have 3 feeders!  It is so cute, I will take a picture once it is up!  It is a hanging one also, so not exactly sure where I will put it...but I will find a place!  The one I moved out of the tree is just outside the dining room window.  The other one is on the living room window.  I love being able to see them, but might hang this one from the outside of the porch.  Easy to reach and the window feeder will have a waiting feeder so they don't dive bomb all the time.  The window feeder only has 2 feeding stations, so they get a little backed up...this one will hang about 5 feet from the window off the porch so maybe they will feed there too!  I think this one has 4-5 feeding stations, and it is a big one so I will be making ALOT of food!

Much to do today so just checking in.  Have a great Hump Day All!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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