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My House Bee

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Say Hello to Beatrice!  Found this little beauty on my dining room table this morning.  She probably came in on Bert.  The nectar flow is about over and the bees are getting a little crazy getting ready for fall/winter.  Tim should be done with extracting today, and this weekend he will be working with each hive to get them supplement feed.  Late October he will move them into the storage facility for the winter.  It is overcast, cool, and rainy this morning and Beatrice is moving pretty slow.  Never even tried to fly away when I snapped her morning picture.  Truth is, Beatrice probably stung Bert and doesn't have long.  Her stinger is missing.  Did you know that once a bee loses its' stinger, they will pass away?  Once they sting they are done.  I am sad for Beatrice, but their instinct is to sting and protect the hive so she knew what she was doing.  She looks so lonely here, but she has thousands of bees here to carry on.  Tim was going to throw her out and I told him to leave her.  She will pass crawling around on my table.  When she does I will put her outside where she will complete her circle of life.  By the way...Bert is fine!

It has been a very busy couple of weeks here and that will continue at least through next week.  Hopefully Tim will finish up extracting today and get things moved back and cleaned up so he can start winterizing the hives.  I was out working in the garden yesterday and I still have squash, cucumbers, and sugar peas with blooms still coming on.  I harvested sugar peas again yesterday and 3 cucs.  I still have 4-5 green tomatoes and about 100 Spaghetti Squash!  I have some about ready to harvest and still blooms coming on!  The bees were helping me check out all the blooms yesterday.  I think Beatrice was out there on one of the big squash leaves also getting a drink while I watered.  Just so you know, all the bees are female except the drones who breed the queen and clean the hive!  LOL!  So...all my little bee friends are Beatrice!

Here is a mature Spaghetti Squash about ready to harvest.  Beautiful!  I cannot wait to harvest and have Squash all winter!  YUM!


 Have a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend All!  ENJOY!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!




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