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Motivated Monday

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It was a good weekend peeps!  I pulled my back on Friday (who says being home is a good thing?) so I spent most of Saturday on a heating pad.  I did feel better on Sunday. Tim and I watched our church service online, and I got out my hymnal and sang "Softly and Tenderly".  It was nice.  Bert (our Springer Spaniel) loves when I sing.  He comes and sits at my feet and just absorbs it.  So cute!  I hope you all had a good weekend.  Got done what you wanted, did a little bit of praying, and of course...the food!  After my "Friday Fail" I felt I needed to redeem myself.  Saturday was Salmon Patties and Sweet Potato Tots, and Sunday was a whole baked chicken, real mashed Red Potatoes, and Brussels!  Oh...and I baked chocolate chip brownies with homemade fudge frosting!  OH MY!  Too good!  

The wonderful bread pictured here is from our neighbor.  This is homemade Honey, Wheat & Oatmeal bread.  It is absolutely the best!  Two of their girls brought it down yesterday and stayed for a cup of hot chocolate. It was an absolute blizzard outside and they walked here from their farm!  It was a nice little visit, but they had to get home for chores.  A dairy farm is much work! Tim offered to take them home, but they walked!  This wonderful bread is made with our honey.  See her review on the honey product page!  I am going to try to get the recipe. This bread reminded me of my Mom. Just talking about it makes me want to go grab a slice.

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Stay Safe & Healthy All!


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