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Mother's Day Weekend

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Not much to say today except "Happy Mother's Day" to ALL Mom's!  Fur baby Mom's, Dad Mom's, Grandma Mom's.  I hope and pray everyone has a great weekend!  Stay Safe!

Two of my favorites in this photo.  My wonderful, loving son Nick, and my beautiful Springer Belle.  This was Belle's 14th Birthday I think.  She almost made 17 years.  She was my baby!  I love Bert, but he is a "Daddy Dog"!  Belle was actually Nick's dog.  He got her for Christmas.  I still miss her everyday...but I am going to get to go see my Nick this weekend!  I am a happy Mom!  

Love & Prayers for all this weekend!

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  • Happy Mother’s Day bee-utiful Tammy!

    CHarlie on

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