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Mother's Day Continued

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This is the most beautiful card!  You open it up and this tree blooms!  There is a beautiful sentiment enclosed also.  I got this yesterday from my Daughter by choice and her wonderful hubby.  It is now the centerpiece on my table along with my flowers.  My "Mom" elephant sits on my table next to me in the living room right now.  It was a joyous Mother's Day.  May you all feel as blessed as I do!  AND we got news that we will be having some company soon!  Grandkids (and their wonderful Mom) are the best.

Busy day here.  Classes, baking for church, posting.  Will have some light set-up to do this afternoon at church for a seminar being held there tonight.   I am tired today folks.  Been having some swelling issues in my legs and feet and this morning it hurt so bad for my feet to even touch the floor.  The longer I'm up, the worse it is.  Tim keeps telling me I need to "move" more.  He's not wrong, but it is hard to do when the thought of walking makes you want to just cry.  I have an appointment to tour the YMCA in the larger city close to us on Friday.  Hoping I will be able to start swimming.  Wish me luck!

OH...And after 4 years of tries/fails and central A/C unit was fixed yesterday.  Don't need it often up here, but it sure will be nice to have when we do.  Hopefully I won't have to survive another 100+ degree 4th of July!  But now I feel prepared!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!




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