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Moody Monday

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It was a long weekend...and not in a good way.  It was overcast and very windy!  I did try to walk a bit each day, but just wasn't very motivated.  Today the sun is out and it is beautiful, but my mood has followed me into the week.  I really try not to do that, but it happens.  There are things going on right now that just have me in a funk, and I need to work myself out of it!  I am really looking forward to Mother's Day...I will be visiting Nick, Melissa and Josh (my Porkchop) will be there too!  I don't think that there will be much social distancing this weekend!

I did get out and run some errands this morning and I was the only one wearing a mask at the Dollar General Store.  It was weird.  It was like everything and everyone was suddenly fine!  I left my mask on (I have a severely compromised immune system) and I used hand sanitizer when I got to the car.  This was only the 2nd time I have even been in a store in over a month.  Tim has been doing most of the "in & out" type of thing.  I ride along, but I don't engage.  Tim has been cautious (one of the reasons I ride along) but as tired as I am of all of this, I am still a bit concerned.  So, I will wear my mask and "social distance" myself until I am comfortable.  I am not happy about it anymore either, but I will do what is best for me.  Everyone else can just live with the crazy old lady in a mask!

I found this picture of me in an old folder.  This is an old picture!  2 glasses frames ago, and my hair is just starting to grey on the sides.  And it is still long!  I have my hair pulled back in a ponytail yet.  The real reason I am posting this is the look on my face.  That look right exactly how I feel today.  Not sad...not happy...just a little MOODY.

Made homemade bar-b-que sauce for ribs this weekend.  My best ever!  Since it is the season I am sharing.  I don't do tomatoes, but organic I can tolerate sometimes.  This makes enough for 2 racks of ribs and a pint jar leftover.  Tim put it on his eggs this morning!  (want less?  1/2 the recipe!)  I don't use honey in this because it burns too quick when grilling.  


3 small cans of Organic Tomato Paste (or 18 oz ketchup) We like it thick!

1 stick butter

1 cup Brown Sugar (Palm Sugar works too)

2 Tbsp Soy Sauce (GF/Low Sodium)

1 Tbsp Worchestershire Sauce

2 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

1/2 tsp Red Cayenne Pepper (not flakes...more to taste if needed)

 Melt butter in saucepan on Med/Lo heat.  Add brown sugar and tomato paste and stir until incorporated.  Add all other ingredients and stir to mix well.  Remove from heat and brush on anything you want!  We love this so much I spoon it on!

Enjoy your day!  Work outside.  Read.  Write.  STAY SAFE! 


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