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Moody Monday

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I hope you have noticed that I do not post on Sundays.  The day of rest!  But I'm back today!  I hope you all had a wonderful, safe weekend.  

I am still working on Part 3 of my health issues posts.  I will get at least part 3 out to you this week.  It isn't raining here, but they are predicting rain for tomorrow.  Tim is headed to the Twin Cities tomorrow to pick up our bees!  We have medical gloves, I have plenty of hand sanitizer, and I am going to fashion him a mask today.  He shouldn't have to leave the truck to get the bees.  He was told to stay in the truck and they will load him.  I am more worried about stopping for gas, etc there and back.  It is about a 4+ hour drive there, and then back.  It will be a full day trip, plus having to deliver a few bees to others up here who are doing just a hive this year for themselves.  Then, home to get our bees to their new hives!  Tim has everything ready.  I am not going with him, so Bert will stay home with Mom.

It is gloomy here today and suppose to rain tomorrow, but still warm.  50' today and tomorrow.  The river is 1/2 open.  The south side of the river is still frozen, but the north side (my side) is open.  This is causing a little flooding in the side field.  Nothing major, it happens every year.  Lots of geese and ducks and I saw my Big Horned Owl yesterday!  I couldn't get a picture of him, but I will try!  He is beautiful and massive!  I thought it was an Eagle going over the field leaving such a huge shadow!  You have no idea how exciting this time of the year is around here.  Deer grazing last night right by my car, and again this morning right off the front porch.  Bert has already learned not to bark or chase them, and they looked up but didn't even stop munching this morning!  

I got on my Mud Boots and Tim and I took a little walk around the place yesterday.  Planned the garden and actually talked chickens!  This might be the year folks!  Chickens and fresh eggs.  Yup, Spring is exciting around here.

We had hamburger steaks with homemade mashed taters and mushroom/onion gravy yesterday.  I HAVE to remember to start taking pictures!  LOL!  By the time dinner is done all I can think about is sitting down to eat.  So, the picture today is from the front porch looking out to the river over the field.  Lots of water!  But it brings lots of birds and fish and it won't stay flooded long.  Enjoy your day all!  Stay in, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!


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