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Monday Funny

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

When we bought this place it was February and -26 below with about 5' of snow on the ground.  No heat in the old farmhouse which you can see in the background of this picture.  About March Tim started coming up on weekends.  We placed Trail Cams in several places to know what was up when we weren't here.  Forgetting they were it is Spring, we are living in the old farmhouse (getting it ready to tear down) and move into our double-wide trailer we moved up here with us.  This is Nick working on the roof of the trailer, I think and he must have found the trail cam!  I was scrolling through all the pictures today and he just popped up!  Made me laugh!  So I am sharing my fun picture of my boy today!  I also noted in this picture all of the dandelions!  We did have bees that first year here, so I am sure they enjoyed them! 

It is early spring in this picture, as the trees are just budding.  The farmhouse wasn't liveable, but as decrepit as it was, I miss it sometimes.  We literally camped in the house.  We did have old electric, so we had electric heaters.  The old fuse box downstairs actually still used fuses!  The old water heater did work and after we got water running we did have good water and at least a shower (don't ask about the old shower). The oven and stove top were electric so they worked, and there was an old fridge out in the garage that we used.  We slept in sleeping bags on cots and blow-up beds on the floor.   Before we had water in the old place, we used 5 gallon jugs of water and our port-a-potty from actual camping.  It was a hoot (think Beverly Hillbillies before they struck oil!)  I learned the minimalist lifestyle fast!  We have been here 3 years now, and most of my things are still in storage.  Sometimes I miss "stuff", but not enough to start unpacking!  I have my reasons...maybe we will talk about that another day.  I have always loved rustic camping, so this was ok by me.  We used to camp on islands, where we brought everything in on our boat!  Tents, outhouses, cooking over a real campfire.  I LOVED IT!  I am too old and decrepit myself now to do that kind of camping, but I truly do miss it sometimes.

Enjoy your Monday all!  Stay Safe, Stay Sane!



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