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May Day

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Happy May Day all!  It has been sunny and warm this week, but still chilly at night, and when I say chilly...yesterday morning was 27'.  I have seen my Robins now, but not even a dandelion yet!  The fields are starting to "green up" though!  We have had deer munching every morning and every night on the new grass and the clover coming up in the fields.  It is overcast today and chance of rain for the next few days.  We need the rain.  I think a good shower would really speed up the green around here!  I am excited to see the 1st dandelion.  The bees have been very active, but we are supplying feed and pollen patties right now until the blooms start.  Remember people...Dandelions are flowers!  It is the first real nutrition in the Spring for the bees.  Happy Bees Make Healthy Honey!  Please avoid pesticides!  Healthy Bees Make ALL THE HONEY! 

These wildflowers in the picture are from last year.  We have so many wildflowers here!  Last year I told Tim not to mow the front yard.  The wildflowers were just too pretty.  I will take more pictures this year!

I'm still obsessed about my garden.  I think Tim is tired of talking about it.  That being said, as much as I love the bees...some days I get tired of him talking about them!  Ahhh...the joys of marriage!

I stood at the door last night about 1 am listening to the sound of the river.  All of the frogs, toads, and even a few crickets maybe?  Not many stars last night, but even at 1 am in the morning...this place is breathtaking!  

The governor of MN said yesterday that he is continuing "lockdown" until May 18th.  It is what it is.  Agree or not, I am spending Mother's Day with my Son.  A Mom on a mission is not to be messed with!  It's Mother's Day, and I as a Mother  shall do as I want.  Don't stand in my way on MY Birthday and Mother's Day!  LOL!

Get out, Get Sun, Plant things!  BEE HAPPY!


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