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Long & Windy Road

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Snowing this morning, now the sun is out but it has been so windy lately.  I feel like I am back living in Wyoming!  It is literally blowing the birds off the field!  I wish that wasn't funny...but today it kinda is!

Had more lab work done this morning.  Tim and I went to town and got groceries, while we were out.  I have to admit...I am tired of cooking!  I know you ladies are all with me on this.  So, we stopped at Arby's (I hardly ever do fast food).  I have to admit it was really good, except for the tomatoes I picked off my sandwich and gave to Tim.  I wasn't able to eat this morning, so I still have some leftover Split Pea & Ham soup for dinner tonight, or I am thinking breakfast sounds good.  I love doing breakfast for dinner.  I can remember my Mom getting tired of cooking and we would have eggs, or pancakes, with sausage or bacon for dinner.  Since we were piglets for lunch, something simple or leftovers tonight.

More tomorrow peeps.  Just checking in for the day.  I hope everyone is have a great Monday.  The pic is one of my fav of the farm.  My old barn is still standing, and I am so looking forward to seeing GREEN again! 

Stay In, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!


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