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Keeping my Boots On

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I have been under the weather since last Thursday.  Been taking our Flu remedy which has really helped, especially with the sore throat!  Lots going on here again.  The weather was gorgeous yesterday!  Today, it is like a spring rain.  Warm and Wet!  We were suppose to go out Saturday to friends for game night, but I decided to stay home so we will do it another time.  That being said, I had planned to bring a new cake recipe and I am "keeping my boots on" even though I am not feeling the best.  That means that Cooking/Baking are my thing.  So, here is what I did to feel busy.

I am not a caramel fan.  I hate things that stick to my teeth (marshmallows is another one...yuk), but I went ahead and made this Heath Cake and it is way better than I expected.  I had a piece, but Tim is crazy for it!  I adapted the recipe for us, and I don't know how the original cake tastes, but this one is a winner!  Easy too!  Chocolate cake mix, Poke the cake while hot, I used a bottle of caramel sauce (didn't feel like making my own, up to you) and filled the holes and drizzled the cake.  Put in fridge for a few hours.  I used vanilla frosting, but recipe called for cool whip.  Then sprinkle on a bag of chocolate heath bits (or crush candy bars) over the top.  Keep refrigerated!  Yup...definitely a keeper!  I will have to take this next time we plan game night.

Pretty tired today folks, so I think nap time is in order with the rain.  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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