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Just Breathe

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Decent weekend here.  Tim got the grass cut and starting working on my car (alternator out).  He also worked on the hives.  He split queens and will check on them today to see how many survived.  He got 7 new queens last week.  He is trying for 17 this week.  He hopes to have 40 hives before winter.  Such a delicate process building queen cells.  I will keep you updated on "the girls"!

I weeded my garden and cut some fresh cilantro and green onions.  OH!  I HAVE A SMALL GREEN TOMATO!!!!  I was so excited!  It is about the size of a marble.  I was really upset I didn't have my phone with me to take a picture.  The garden is doing great!  Had to tie up my tomato plant again already.  I am so happy with my garden.

It has rained the last few days and been cool.  Big storm came through this morning and it is hot and humid now.  These are not my favorite days.  Going to be 87 today with 80% humidity.  Tomorrow it will go back to the 70's and cooler.  This is one of the reasons I live here.  I hate the heat!  Give me a sweater any day! 

I used the fresh cilantro from my garden in a new recipe yesterday.  So Good!  I don't do citrus well, but fresh lime is less acidic and I survived.  Tim was in heaven!  It was really tasty!  Let me know if you want the easy!

Cilantro-Lime Black Bean Shrimp & Rice (see picture)

Stay Safe, Stay Happy, Stay Sane




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