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Really Thursday?

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Split Pea Soup with Ham was excellent last night.  I made the "No Yeast Dinner Rolls" again, but put a bit too much milk in them (I thought last time they were a little dry) and dry is better!  I am always experimenting, so next time maybe the right amount of milk but add an extra dollop of Mayo.  Either way, they were still yummy!

This will be short and sweet again today as I am having dizzy spells and they have been pretty bad.  I am sitting in a dark office typing this and as soon as I am done saying "HI" for the day I am going to go relax.  Leftovers tonight for dinner, so no worries there.   No more rolls though!  I am done with that for awhile.

Please check out our product page for your "sweet" needs!  Our flavored honeys are sooooo good!  Read our Reviews and pick your favorite!

Picture is of my recipe book I made for myself because of all of the allergies.  GF, DF, Acids Free.  Most are regular recipes that I have had to re-think for us!  I have had this binder quite awhile!

Stay In, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!


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