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Healthy Lasagna

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I stopped making Lasagna about 10 years ago when I developed an allergy to acidic foods (tomatoes being one of them), and Tim discovered he was lactose intolerant.  This is the first year I have been able to get him to eat zucchini!  He loves it roasted like steak fries with dry ranch dressing on them, and he loves them raw with dry ranch dressing on them.  Are you seeing his new addiction to dry ranch dressing?  Over the years as I have grown accustomed to our dietary needs and given up many foods, but I have realized that I can do organic tomatoes on occasion and not break out too bad.  I use a rice cheese now for Tim, and of course our pasta is now GF so I use brown rice pasta (usually).  I have tried in the past to hide zucchini in the best Chocolate Cake Ever...but Tim still wouldn't eat it.  I decided last night to try Zucchini Lasagna!  Oh My!  It was so good!  Made to our dietary needs, but it was wonderful to feel like we were eating "normal" for a change!  I only got 1 blister on the roof of my worth it!  I used venison burger, Tim sliced my zucchini noodles, made my own fresh sauce, and of course that wonderful melted "cheese" is rice cheese.  It was AMAZING!  Low in calories and fat!  One of the best dishes I have made in a long time.  Saving this recipe! I can still smell it baking...YUM!

Chilly at night here with rain about every other day now.  Nice storm last night!  My hummers are gone for the year, but this morning we had 3 flocks of geese go over the farm.  Not quite a fair exchange...but Bert sure gets excited!

Enjoy your week!  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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