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Happy Halloween!

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I love this picture of these cute little pumpkins!  I always get excited at Halloween, although I haven't really decorated since Nick moved out.  I do buy candy to hand out to those wonderful, costumed, little cuties!  I just adore those little bundles in their costumes, coats, and Mom & Dads.  I did buy candy this year and brought it home and hid it from Tim.  After 2 days of searching and not finding the candy, he brought something to my attention that I hadn't thought about.  Covid!  They are not recommending Trick or Treating this year!  I was devastated!  Halloween is on a Saturday, with a full moon this year!  I thought I would be busy at the door, even in this remote area.  The last couple of years have been great handing out candy.  Now I am sad.  I want to see Ninja Turtles, Cinderella's, Scarecrows, and Lions!  I am guessing Tim is right, there won't be many little cuties wanting my candy this year.  I told Tim where the candy was hidden.  Yes, I have even had more than a few pieces myself.  I will keep some candy available, but I think it will be a bust.  

 That being said, I am not a Covid fanatic.  I wear my mask when in public.  But I have been a bit of a hermit before Covid.  It really didn't change me much.  That being said, I had an RX and groceries to pick up yesterday.  My appointment for pickup was between 2-3pm so I decided to pick up dinner on my way home.  Pickup for me is in a neighboring town and about a 45 minute drive.  Here is my point...I will miss those cuties on Halloween, but I made 3 stops yesterday AND NEVER GOT OUT OF MY CAR!  I did have to get out and pump my own gas before taking off, but I didn't even have to go inside for that!  Normally, I would LOVE that I got all my errands done and never left my car.  But if it meant I could see those happy little cute Trick or Treaters...I would have made 3 stops and gladly went in.  Kids should be able to have fun...I hope most parents will find a safe way to make that happen.  Not even weather could stop us as kids!

So, have a Great Halloween.  Celebrate somehow (even if you just eat your own we will)!  LOL!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!  


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