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Happy Birthday Bert

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This is my baby Bert when he was truly just a baby!  We couldn't even bring him home yet.  What a sweet baby.  He is such a good boy and an absolute joy to have with us.  I miss my Belle, but Bert is such a blessing.  6 Years Young today!  Here is another picture of the ride home with us the first time with Belle.  She was not so sure of this little bundle of joy.  They were great companions though!  

It has been a tough week here.  We really needed rain and boy did we get it!  Last nights storms were wonderful and a lot of work!  I leave windows open as much as possible because we don't have a/c.  Gets pretty stuffy in here quick with no windows open.  I was up and down several times closing & then opening windows.  About 4 am did me in though.  I had fallen asleep and woke to a tremendous wind through the bedroom!  Torrential rain and hard winds...let's just say I can only close so many windows at once and I had lots of wet carpet, furniture, and Bert's bed.  A needed rain, but what a mess.  Everything is cleaned up now, towels dry, carpets almost dry, Bert's bed drying and sun just broke through for the first time.  I am still trying to catch up from the holiday weekend and last night didn't help.  I am exhausted.  I slept in (HA) until about 7am and I have a sore throat.  Just took some of our Flu Suppressant and my throat feels better already.  I usually just take our Cold Suppressor, but as run down as I am feeling right now I wanted to take the "big guns" and nip whatever this is before it takes hold!  Best thing about our Cold & Flu formulas is they will knock symptoms out before they really take hold if you take it right away.  I will take another dose in a few hours and by bedtime tonight I will feel great, get some needed sleep (no rain anticipated) and feel much better tomorrow. 



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