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Goofy Garden

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

First year we lived here Tim rototilled a big garden.  I had just had several small strokes, and I think he thought a big garden would help my therapy.  It was too much. I got 3 things planted and never made it back out to the garden.  It was a huge failure.  We had a big, beautiful garden where we moved from, and it saddened me to think my gardening days were over.  Last year I didn't even try.  BUT...this year I wanted a garden and had an idea. I would put kids pools on my picnic table!!  NO BENDING!  I can sit down if I need!  It is close to the house, and the hose.  I thought Tim would laugh at me, but he actually thought it was a good idea.  So, I bought a couple of pools, some plants and organic seeds.  Tim took the truck and went and got a yard of good black dirt, and he built me a raised planter at the end of the table for my vines (cucumbers and spaghetti squash)  The planter is about 5' X 3' and he mounded up the dirt in the center.  I have 1 row of cucs, and 1 row of squash.  He is going to put up fencing on the one side for the vines.  I planted lettuce around the outside edge.  The white bucket has our lone tomato plant.  I can't eat them so it is just for Tim.  I just grabbed a nice stick out of the woodpile and tied it up already!  The pool to the front has a cilantro plant and sweet basil, then a row of dill is planted and 2 rows of sugar snap peas.  The far end pool has green onions (12 bulbs) and 2 more rows of peas.  Tim put corrugated aluminum under the pools and drilled holes in the pools for drainage.  We also lined the pools with garden mesh so water will drain but dirt will not.  I cannot tell you how much fun I had yesterday and this morning planting my "play garden"!  It is suppose to rain today, and I did water after planting, but hoping for some help from Mother Nature today.  I LOVE MY GARDEN!  It is fun and manageable, and it will be delicious.  I feel a part of my farm for the first time in years.  So glad I thought of this!  Great idea for seniors!  The old picnic table was left here when we moved in.  Nick painted it blue for me, and he and Tim put all new lumber on it for Mother's Day the first year we were here.  We hardly ever use it. This has found a purpose!

I hope you like my little garden as much as I LOVE IT!  Enjoy your Holiday Weekend all!  

Remember: Stay Safe, Stay Sane!


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