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Good Friday

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

We are headed into the Easter weekend folks.  I know it is hard not being able to share time with our loved ones.  I forgot about fasting today, so we had breakfast, but will not eat lunch and focus on dinner.  So much happening it is hard to keep my mind straight.  I need a "computer" break!

I ended up not fixing dinner last night.  Today's goal is dishes, PB Cookies, and Spaghetti for dinner.  I am posting early and going to go hibernate the day away.  The sun is shining, but still chilly.  The bees are doing well and have plenty to feed on until we get some flowers going.  Waiting for my first Robin and first Dandylion!  Tim had honey frames so the bees are eating good stuff now waiting for spring.  I am thinking I may have to put on a "bee suit" and take some up close and personal pictures this year.  I have never had a bee suit on.  Not scared of them, but I have left most of the physical work to Tim & Nick.  I think this is going to be our best year yet!  I do love my little bees!

Nothing new to add today except that I wish you all the Blessings of Easter. 

Sharing my favorite picture of Nick he sent me from overseas.  I told him to bring me a kohala...❤

Stay in, Stay safe, Stay sane!  LOVE TO ALL!  


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