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Good day to Bake

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It is still only 25' this morning and cloudy.  I don't think this snow is going anywhere soon.  Might get in the mid 30's by Wednesday, but snow in the forecast everyday, and continued cloudy.  WINTER IS HERE!  

Tim is home from hunting and just cleaned off the porch.  I was not going to go hunt for the shovel this weekend or the ice melt.  Poor Tim hurt himself again this weekend, and although the boys got to go hunting, Tim was not able to hunt.  He fell in a hole, and although he didn't sprain an ankle, he did come down hard on his wrist trying to catch himself.  Looked pretty bad when he got home last night, but much better this morning.  Just sprained, but he bloodied up his thumb again, and palms of his hands.  Poor guy!  He loves hunting and wasn't able to hold his gun and shoot after the fall.  He got to visit with Nick and do some "scouting" for birds so he had a decent time.  The boys got a few birds, but Bert wasn't much help retrieving.  He is a "daddy dog" and he was too upset about Tim not being with them to be much help.  The best thing about this weekend...ME!

I had a "to do" list of things I wanted to get done.  Not on my list was a 5 hour yak session with my bestie on Friday!  What a wonderful visit! Although nothing got done on my was worth it!  Saturday & Sunday I worked on my list and got everything done before Tim got home.  I don't remember the last time I felt like getting things done.  I am on a new regimen, and so far it has been amazing.  I will give details in a few weeks when I have been on it awhile and it is still working.  My pain level is much better, and I feel almost human again. As human as this ole body will let me!  I am hoping my motivation continues, sure feels satisfying getting a few things actually accomplished!

So, today I have 1 pie crust that needs baked and stuffed with something warm and sugary!  I am making a Brown Sugar Pie.  Such an easy recipe!  I think I will sprinkle some chopped pecans over it.  Almost like a Pecan Pie but no corn syrup!  Just brown sugar, a little flour, some butter, milk, and vanilla.  Bake and enjoy!  I can't wait!

Enjoy your Monday all!  Check out our new 5 Star Review!  I will post about the poor little cold bees on Wednesday.  Tim was hoping to have more time for winterization, but Mother Nature and now another injury for him, just not cooperating.  The "girls" are fine for now, but we will be moving them into storage much sooner than planned.  Neighbor just stopped by, time for coffee! 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!  


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