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Garden Hacks

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I took this photo this morning.  These are sitting in my kitchen window waiting for spring.  So cute, the 3 different phases of growth.  I might actually get a cutting before I plant! These are romaine lettuce.  Now that the sun is out and the weather is getting warmer, all I can think about is my garden.  It will be small this year, but above ground so it will be easier on me.  My first garden here was a disaster.  Last year, I didn't even try.  Bending to weed and tend to plants is not in my scope of things I can do.  But this year is a new year and I think I have found a cheap, easy answer to my problem.  It's great having a master gardener as your best friend!  Even though we don't live close, she has given me some great ideas, and when I first thought of my idea for trying a garden this year...she was the first person I called.  I'm not ready to give you all of my garden hacks yet, but trust me they will be coming!  Just so you know...Most of my "garden hacks" are from my bestie, Charlie Benedick!  I wouldn't even think of trying again if it wasn't for her!

Do you compost?  I have always wanted to do this but just never gotten around to it.  Here is Charlie's compost hack for me.  Since I am only going to have a small garden area, she suggested saving my "compost" in a ziploc bag (gallon size) and putting it in the freezer!  OH YES!  So now when I have compost, I just get the bag out of the freezer and add to it.  When the bag is full you can keep it frozen till ready to use or put it in your blender and blend it all up.  I have a bag almost full in my freezer and I cannot wait to try this!  When blended just pour it over your soil and rake it in.  Even I can do this!  I am planning on having 2-3 above ground garden areas, so I am well on my way to great compost. I can't wait to implement this!  Do you have just a deck, balcony or roof garden?  This would be a wonderful way for natural compost!

 Time for a new phrase: It's Spring, Get Out, Grow Plants! 

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  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are doing this! I can’t wait to hear updates on how well your garden is growing. Your lovely bees will be helping you everyday, just cuz they are magical little creatures! It’s a win win. You get organic produce and your own bees for pollination! GROW girl!

    Charlie on

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